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Concierge Manual, 5th Edition (paperback)

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20th ANNIVERSARY EDITION! In this definitive and popular guide, now in its fifth edition, industry veteran Katharine Giovanni covers the basics of starting a new company—from creating a business plan to handling the day-to-day logistics to developing attention-grabbing marketing materials. PLUS, she packs this valuable resource with sales ideas, marketing tips, sage advice on topics such as insurance, and much more. Giovanni started her own concierge business in 1998. She is an internationally recognized concierge consultant, who has worked with thousands of companies and individuals from more than forty countries and every U.S. state. Tap into her knowledge and experience. She knows what she’s talking about—and it’s all in The Concierge Manual. "Just finished reading your Concierge Manual book and thought it was fantastic. At the beginning of reading it I kept thinking "Am I being silly thinking I can go ahead and actually do this and not fail at it" but by the end all I can think is GO FOR IT! Thank you, your book and the way it was written has put a lot of negative thoughts out of my head and butterflies in my stomach. True star! You are a true inspiration and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. You have helped me start my journey and I cannot thank you enough for that. Amanda." "Katharine, you may not be aware, your book was a life changing inspiration for me to move into a second career with my first seasonal position as a Concierge.  Thank you truly.  Anne."

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