"I have been a member of this organization for many years. The services and training they provide is above and beyond. When I started my Concierge business this was and still is my base for learning. I highly recommend Katharine and the team." Aileen Young

"Just today I was thinking to myself that Katharine and Ron Giovanni deserve a lot of thanks for their years of being leaders in this industry. When I started my business years ago, you could count on one hand the number of Concierge businesses that were around. My source of learning was Triangle Concierge (now called The Giowell Group). I can still remember the nights we spent in hotel rooms in New York picking Katharine’s brain. She would come up to see her private consulting clients and would invite us to join her. We had circles back then so we huddled together while she taught us and encouraged us to bounce ideas off each other and encourage each other. Those circles have gone away it would seem, but we now have Social media and are still able to help and encourage each other. Other teaching groups have since come along and are doing a great job but we must never forget that Katharine and Ron are still here supporting us in all the ways that they can. May God continue to sustain you as you continue to give of yourselves in helping others to “think and grow rich”.  Aileen Young, Y2 Errand Service

"I've been working with ICLMNet since I formed Task Tamers, over 7 years ago. It has been well beyond worth the investment! I love working with Katharine Giovanni and the many other concierge members across the country. They have been an incredible resource and support. And many have become friends. We talk to each other regularly, give each other 'head's up' on possible scams and refer to each other when needed. I can't imagine starting and running a concierge service without having these incredible people and this organization in my corner! " Christine Ketay, Task Tamers

This is EXACTLY what I just did after a heartwarming and amazing conversation with Katharine Giovanni . I feel brand new even after 14 years of running Consider It Done! She carefully listened and helped me pinpoint what excites me, what motivates me and what I need to do next. to succeed and to enjoy running my company again. I thought I was burning out but Katharine helped me to recognize that I just needed to tweak a few things and make new action plans. Then, over the next few days the phone started to ring again. Thank you so much, Katharine. I appreciate you! Sherri Durbin, owner Consider It Done! Orange County, CA 

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