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The Concierge Entrepreneur E-Course


Our Concierge Entrepreneur Training has helped thousands of Concierge businesses of all sizes succeed and become leaders in the industry. Whether you want to start a small home based business, or a large one, this course will give you the tools that you need to get your concierge business up and running fast. Taught by industry leader Katharine Giovanni, you will receive all the knowledge and tools she has accumulated in the last 20 years. Katharine will take you through the start-up phase step-by-step. Why recreate the wheel? Learn from her years of experience so you can get financially solid fast.

Training Objectives

The Class is designed for people who wish to start a concierge or lifestyle management business. It’s a step-by-step road map that shows you exactly how to get your new company started. From obtaining insurance and forming the company to what services to offer and fee setting, Katharine will talk about it all. Whether you wish to start a new career, or add additional revenue streams to your existing concierge business, the course will show you how to set yourself apart from the competition so that you can get started and start earning money fast. From seasoned pros to start-ups, going back to the basics will give you fresh set of eyes to show you how to move your company to the next level.


Topics Include

Katharine talks about 52 services you might wish to provide.Thinking of starting small? She’ll talk about that as well. You’ll learn how to design your logistic scripts so that you know EXACTLY how you are going to do each service you provide. Plus Katharine will go over all the business basics including business plan, brochures, websites, business cards, financial and legal information, insurance, start-up costs, setting fees, and building networks.

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Katharine is currently updating the class for 2018. 

If you wish to be placed on the waiting list, please send her an email.  Thank you!

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