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TRAINING options

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The best way to get started, and the most cost-effective, is to read Katharine's book and watch her free class. One of two things will happen by the time you finish ...  either you will be eager to get started and jumping for joy or you'll think that this is not for you. The good news is that if you decide this is not for you, you'll only be out the cost of Katharine's book (her ebook version is only $19.95). However, if you decide to move forward then read on!  We have three incredible training options for you!

The Concierge Manual - available in both paperback and eBook form -

Free Video: Katharine suggests that you watch her free 20-minute video on how to start a concierge business. It goes through the basics of how to get started and what you'll need. Here’s the link:

The Concierge Entrepreneur Master Class: Train with Katharine virtually!!!  Visit to learn all about her popular class.  

ICLMNet is a great place to find resources and information. Even if you haven't started your business you can still join and get access to our members library and private Facebook group (which has 10 years’ worth of posts! TONS of information on that board). Click here to read more.

Want a private session with Katharine?  Just click here.

My phone call with Katharine absolutely changed my outlook. I went into the call needing advice, help, a sign, anything about how to keep my company going and alive. Katharine did all that and more. I feel confident now that I can build sales and revenue, and absolutely succeed in the Boston area. It'll be clear to anyone who talks to Katharine that she absolutely is a humorous, kind, personable, and helpful individual who truly knows what she's talking about. Immediately after our coaching call, I messaged my 5 closest supporters and told them how rejuvenated and empowered I felt. I can't recommend her time and coaching enough. Rebekah Barr,

Corporate Training

Are you a company looking for consulting? Eliminate your service problems by taking your customer service to its highest point… the concierge level. Katharine offers strategic work sessions, consulting, custom online eClasses, and both virtual and live programs. Visit to find out more.

"From the very beginning, Katharine​ ​listened and understood our needs and provided a solution within a couple of days. She was very patient with us and provided all the necessary changes we had asked her to. She provided a customized training curriculum that we otherwise would not be able to find anywhere else. I looked everywhere on the internet and found nothing that would fit our needs.​ She literally hit it out of the ballpark for us! She was fantastic to work with and never hesitated to provide all that was needed in a timely fashion. I would absolutely recommend Katharine and her team for any of your hospitality/concierge needs. There is no one who can do what she does with the level of experience she has.​” Sherri Angel​, Black Knight Security


 Can't decide what you need?

  Click here to get on Katharine’s calendar!

  (Only one free 15-minute session per person allowed)

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