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Check out Katharine’s side hustle!

Looking for the perfect gift?

No idea what to get for your parents and/or grandparents?

Need a video for your business?

Katharine Giovanni, ICLNNet's Founder, has a great side hustle! She transforms your pictures and video clips into a beautiful movie! 

Katharine has been creating videos and marketing graphics boutique-style for friends and clients for years. She is the designer of several websites, logos, personal and promotional and videos. Just scroll down this page to see a few samples of her work.


Once you place your order, Katharine will have a conference call with you to discuss your Tribute Video. She will not begin the project until she has spoken with you on the telephone.


Send Electronically: (BEST Choice) Scan your photographs into your computer and then send them to us as a JPEG or GIF via email. Please make sure that they are numbered consecutively in the order in which you want them to appear in the video. To do this, just rename the file by “right-clicking” the file name and then rename it to something like “picture1”.

Mail them to us: If you wish us to scan the pictures for you, please call Katharine to discuss.

        • If we scan the pictures, there is an extra charge of .99 cents per picture. Please put the photos in the order you want them shown in the video.
        • Do NOT write on the front or back in pen, sharpie or highlighter as you’ll ruin the pictures. You can use a pencil and gently write the number on the back (example “1 of 50”).
        • Please don’t use scotch tape as that too will ruin the photo.
        • All pictures must be owned by you and/or royalty free.

Katharine uses royalty free music exclusively as copyright laws are tough and strictly enforced. This way you can use your Tribute Video on your website and your social media.


In your conference call, you will also discuss the copy (if any) you wish included in your video.

Special Holiday Pricing!

$249 for the first 30 pictures. After 30, it's $1.50 per picture.

Price is normally $450 - Special ends January 1, 2019

Additional Information and Charges

Video Clips - $45 per clip - Each video clip you wish included should be approximately 10-20 seconds. Please email Katharine the MP4 file and she will edit it if it’s too long. She might also break the clip up into sections and place it in different parts of your Video.

Photo Scanning - If we scan your pictures for you, we charge .99 cents per photograph, plus shipping (cost of shipping the photographs back to you)

Final Product - Katharine will send you the video electronically.


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