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One reason you might be losing clients...

January 08, 2020 3:30 PM | Katharine Giovanni (Administrator)

Do you have your contact information on the emails that you send to people?


You could be losing clients if you don't.

I got an email just yesterday from someone who wanted to do business with me again. I knew this person so it was a legitimate email. What threw me wasn't what he said in the message. It was the fact that he didn't have any contact information at the end. No telephone, no website ... nothing! Just his name.

If I'm going to take your email seriously, I have three house rules that I live by.

First, if you don't have formal contact information at the end of your email, I'm going to assume you are spam and will delete you. At the very least, you should have your name, company, website and telephone number. I also have links to my social media pages in mine. I have set it up to automatically go on each and every email that I send out. To design my signature, I use 

Second, I check people out and will visit their website to see who they are. If you don't give me your website address, then it's a safe bet that I'm not going to use your company.

Third, if you don't address me by my real name I'm going to delete you. You get extra points for spelling it correctly. Please don't write to me as "Dear Giowell Group" because that tells me that you didn't take the time to look me up on my website and you have no idea what we do. I will usually just hit the delete key.

I tell everyone to write your emails like you would a formal old-fashioned letter. With an opening and closing. Although I frequently use "with joy and peace" I have also used "sincerely", "kind regards" and "warm regards" depending on who I am writing. I always add a "thank you" as well. Your contact information should be at the bottom. Most people are on a tight schedule with tons to do and don't have the time to go and search out your website. So give them a tiny bit of information in your email! 

Have a great week!


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