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Watch what you're saying!

August 13, 2018 3:17 PM | Katharine Giovanni (Administrator)

By Katharine Giovanni

Want to know the secret of growing your business? The REAL secret? Change your words.  I’m serious, change your words and you will change your life.  

Let me give you an example …

I got a call recently from a woman who wanted to know if she could make any money starting a concierge business. After speaking with her for a while I started to notice phrases like “I think I can” and “not sure if this will work or not” and “I’ve never owned a business before and I’m a bit scared.” 

Let’s compare that phone call to another one I received. This time it was from a woman who was just laid off from her job. Unlike the first caller, I heard phrases like “I am going to be your next success story!” and “I know this is going to work.” During her coaching session she asked dozens of questions and greeted each answer with enthusiasm and some ideas of her own. By the end of the session, the confidence she had in herself and her abilities was clear and I knew without a doubt that her business would flourish. 

Words are important. KNOW that you can do this and have absolutely no doubts about it. The first caller doubted her abilities and doubted that she could make money doing this. It stands to reason that if she doubts she’ll make money doing this then most likely she won’t.  The second caller had no doubts and simply knew that it would work.


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