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I can't believe you answered me back!

June 17, 2019 4:39 PM | Katharine Giovanni (Administrator)

"I can’t believe you called me back!”

Sadly, I get this reply a LOT when I respond to email as I am very quick to reply. Even if I can't answer right away (I might be in a meeting), I generally reply with a quick "I got it and will get back to you by __) as soon as I can. I send them something so they know I saw their message. They feel valued.

Voice mails? As often as possible, I answer within one business day or sooner.

Why do I do this?

First, it’s good customer service.

Second, it gets clients. I have gotten many clients because I respond so fast.

Unfortunately, I seem to be abnormal in today's world as most people don't practice this. I actually had someone tell me once that I shouldn't answer people fast because they will think that I don't have anything better to do.

REALLY? I strongly disagree! (And yes, they actually said that to me.)

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