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Katharine's Top 3 Social Media Tips

February 28, 2020 1:05 PM | Katharine Giovanni (Administrator)

Need some social media marketing tips?  Here are my top three favorites...

1.  Social media is SOCIAL!

Do you just go to social media and post your stuff and then click off? Just posting "your" stuff might get you a few clients, but engaging with your followers will help you more. People enjoy working with their friends, so allowing them to get to know you will get you farther faster. Also, if all you post is about you and what you sell, then people will get bored fast and they will either ignore you or unfollow you.

My top tip? You have to be present! Read people's posts, make a comment or two, share their articles, and "like" their stuff occasionally. Wish them a happy birthday!

I spend at least 15 -20 minutes in the morning and another 15-20 in the afternoon on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Of course I put up my own content, but I also share other people's posts, make comments and generally try and be present.

Social media is a two-way street ... you have to give in order to get.

2.  Take advantage of social media automation tools. 

How do I manage to post articles, graphics and tips at all hours of the day? I use and schedule my posts. Once or twice a week, I'll sit down and find articles and create graphics. I'll then schedule them to go out at different times during the day. 

Here are some nice articles about social media automation:

3.  Make sure your profiles are updated and have a nice header. 

You also should give your potential customers something to read when they visit your profile on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram. At the very least you should have a short biography, link to your website and a nice header. Often, I'll read someone's post and click on their profile to see who they are. If I see no header, bad profile picture, links that don't work, and little information it leaves me feeling like they have no idea what they are doing. Will I hire them? No. See my point? 

To design my headers, I use You can also use VERY easy to use and they create great graphics.  

Until next time!


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