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Software Requirements: None. All classes are hosted by a company called Digital Chalk and it supports all computers including PC’s and Apple products.

Format: Pre-recorded video presentations. Many include PowerPoint and downloadable eWorkbooks. All courses can be taken at your leisure. Once you create your account, please remember to bookmark the class so that you can go back to the page.

LIVE coaching: If you need help and would like to talk to Katharine for an hour, she charges $150/hour. Just email us to schedule. If you would like to meet with her in person, just give us a call and we'll talk about customized training.

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A certificate course that will teach you how to start a concierge business. Whether you want to start a small home based business, or a large one, this course will give you the tools that you need to get started! Drawing on over 30 years’ experience in the concierge industry, Katharine provides clear step-by-step information and will walk you through the process of starting up your business.

Currently being updated. Will be back this month. 

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A one-hour mini-course that teaches you how to easily design your own graphics, without spending a fortune.


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This Certificate Course is an information heavy online class that will show your staff how to offer customer service that goes above and beyond your competition. Using her unique approach, Katharine shows you how to exhibit the kind of customer service that five-star concierge use all over the world. With over 20 years of expertise, She has the experience and knowledge to help take your company to an entirely new level.


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Katharine can also create a white label version of this course that you can use with your own branding as a guide and lesson plan to train your staff.

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