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ICLMNet was created to support concierge and lifestyle management companies around the world. Our network offers tons of benefits including a public concierge directory, members library, private forum, events and so much more. Click here to read about how we can help you!

Not only do we help concierge, but we also assist the general public.  Hiring a concierge is a great way to squeeze a few more hours out of your busy 24 hour day!  Plus, our concierge have to sign our ethics policy before they join. 

Formerly named ICLMA, the group was originally formed in 2000 by Katharine C. Giovanni and supports concierge and lifestyle managers from around the world. In 2014, Ron Giovanni came on board and together they successfully transitioned the group into what it is today... ICLMNet.

Please use ICLMNet as you would any directory to locate professionals in your community. We strongly urge you to do your due diligence and investigate their background thoroughly, ask questions, and call their references. All our members agree to both our code of ethics and standards of excellence. 

ICLMNet is all about relationships that will make your business and life a success!

"Just today I was thinking to myself that Katharine and Ron Giovanni deserve a lot of thanks for their years of being leaders in this industry. When I started my business years ago, you could count on one hand the number of Concierge businesses that were around. My source of learning was Triangle Concierge (now called The Giowell Group). I can still remember the nights we spent in hotel rooms in New York picking Katharine’s brain. She would come up to see her private consulting clients and would invite us to join her. We had circles back then so we huddled together while she taught us and encouraged us to bounce ideas off each other and encourage each other. Those circles have gone away it would seem, but we now have Social media and are still able to help and encourage each other. Other teaching groups have since come along and are doing a great job but we must never forget that Katharine and Ron are still here supporting us in all the ways that they can. May God continue to sustain you as you continue to give of yourselves in helping others to “think and grow rich”.  Aileen Young, Y2 Errand Service


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