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ICLMNet members all agree to the following…

Code of Ethics

ICLMNet members shall always act with integrity and honesty in performing their professional duties and responsibilities.

ICLMNet members shall protect the interest of their colleagues and clients and shall neither participate in nor condone any activities that are either illegal or unethical.

ICLMNet members shall only enter into agreement or participate in activities that are not in conflict or appear to be in conflict with the legitimate interest of their client(s).

ICLMNet members shall respect the integrity of professional relationships and adhere to the ethical practices of client – concierge privilege except where required by law.**

ICLMNet members shall always observe the confidentiality of the information obtained while performing their duties and ensure privacy except where required by law.

ICLMNet members shall engage in behavior that will enhance the reputation of the association.

ICLMNet members shall be mindful and respectful of all who utilize our services, all who work in our profession and all in our community.

ICLMNet members shall embrace acceptance and inclusiveness of all in our profession and within our sphere of global influence.

As a condition of membership in The International Concierge and Lifestyle Management Network, I pledge to adhere to the ethical behavior standards set forth in this document and insure my personal conduct will be such as to reflect positively on myself and ICLMNet.

**Concierge do not have legal privileges like lawyers and doctors and can be subpoenaed to testify against clients in legal proceedings.

ICLMNet Standards of Excellence

The International Concierge and Lifestyle Management Network Standards of Excellence contain our recommended guidelines for the business behavior of ICLMNet members. Your commitment to these standards is essential to membership in the ICLMNet. By adhering to these standards you are agreeing to engage in fair and equitable business practices, fair dealing and high integrity. All of which will raise the public’s confidence in ICLMNet members and the concierge and lifestyle management industry. Further, as members of ICLMNet we are responsible for ensuring that the industry is held in the highest public regard throughout the world and our conduct directly impacts this result.

Professional Integrity

    • Honestly represent and act within your area of expertise without exaggeration, misrepresentation or concealment.
    • To conduct business with honesty and to avoid dishonorable or unethical business practices.
    • To safeguard the client’s residence and property by taking all reasonable precautions.
    • To deliver skillful, safe and compassionate care to all clients and treat them with patience, kindness and integrity.

Your Services

    • Offer services in which you are qualified and will accurately represent those qualifications in both verbal and written communications.
    • Make every effort to recommend the services of other qualified service providers and/or professionals when you are unable or unqualified to fulfill requests for services.
    • Honor all written and oral contracts.
    • Maintain proper insurance coverage for the services that you provide.
    • Communicate to your client in advance your fees and expenses that you deem reasonable, legitimate and commensurate with your experience. Agree to provide these services to the best of your ability and accept the consequences of your actions.

Professional Development

    • To continually improve your knowledge of the concierge profession by participating in educational and networking opportunities.


    • Ensure the client’s right to privacy by keeping all client information confidential whether it is received verbally, electronically or in writing … except when required by law.


    • Embrace and maintain an equitable, honorable, and cooperative association with other concierge services and treat them with respect and courtesy.
    • Respect the intellectual property rights (materials, titles) of your colleagues and other businesses and individuals, and not use proprietary information or methodologies without permission.


    • Provide a business climate that respects everyone regardless of race, sex, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, age or physical/mental impairment.

Disclaimer: ICLMNet, its officers and its staff will not be held responsible for any persons in or out of the group who choose not to follow these Standards of Excellence. These Standards are recommended, not required to join or remain a member of ICLMNet.

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