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What Are Networking Circles?

A Member Networking Circle is a networking group of two or more ICLMNet members who meet on a regular basis. They are an extension of ICLMNet and allow members to gather without the formality of a chapter. They are comprised of ICLMNet members with one member taking the lead in starting and setting up the circle. The Networking Circle members may be located in the same city, state, province, or country.

Where and When do Circles Meet?

The structure of the Networking Circles is unique to each group. Some meet virtually while others prefer to meet for coffee or a meal. They meet monthly or quarterly depending on the group.

Should I start a Networking Circle?

Are you an ICLMNet member? 

Then YES you should!

One of the best things about being part of a group is the great networking opportunities you have. This is something that ICLMNet is passionate about. We would like to encourage you to get involved and start your own Networking Circle so that you can meet other concierge and other Lifestyle Management Business professionals in your area. Together you'll learn from each other and help build your businesses. 

How to Sign up

Log into your member account using your username and password. Then navigate to the members library and scroll down to the member circle page to download the Circle Manual. Then, please email Katharine your request to form a circle. Once she receives it, she’ll reach out to you via telephone to discuss your new circle, so please provide a phone number where she can reach you.

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